CSS Accordion

Type to generate custom CSS Accordion components with AI

Construct a user interface for a software onboarding screen titled 'Hello, [User]', with a welcome message followed by a setup guide. The guide should have three list items with icons and text: one for feedback collection featuring a feedback icon, a second for importing and synchronizing customer data with a sync icon, and a third for capturing ideas directly from customers with a lightbulb icon. Each list item should include a right-pointing arrow indicating action or further navigation.

Create a step-by-step setup interface for a subscription service. This should include sections for "Create your first plan and set pricing," with a button for creating the plan and a subtext explanation; "Connect a test payment gateway," with instructions for connection; "Add a plug-and-play checkout widget to your site," detailing the integration steps; and "Activate LIVE Site," with a final activation step. Each section should have a visual indicator of progress and a brief description. Include buttons for action items and expandable sections for details.

Create an interface for managing notification preferences with collapsible sections for calendar, email, and text options. The calendar section should include a dropdown for directing reminders, a link for syncing with a mobile app, and a link to learn about calendar event synchronization. The email and text sections should be expandable but currently contain no options. Include a help link at the bottom for user assistance.